Is Paid Parental Leave Right for Your Company?

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The number of employers looking to offer paid parental leave is on the rise. A solid company policy is needed and Jeff Nowak from FMLA Insights has some of the best practices you can consider when drafting your policy:

  • Decide when it kicks in
    Employers, not the feds, are able to determine when the eligibility requirements of this benefit go into effect. So employers could require employees to work a certain number of hours before parental leave kicks in.
  • Watch for discrimination traps
    Per the EEOC’s new pregnancy discrimination guidance, it is absolutely acceptable to provide better medical benefits to new moms than to new dads when it comes to childbirth recovery…for obvious reasons. But for bonding leave, employers can’t treat mean differently from women. New dads should be offered the same amount of bonding leave as new moms otherwise, you could leave yourself open to a discrimination suit.
  • Consider other paid leave
    An unpopular leave tactic among employees would be to require them to use their other paid leave, such as vacation, sick and PTO, before utilizing paid parental leave benefits. But a more popular option that can keep employee morale up would be to require employees to use
    paid leave before parental leave, but allowing them to set aside a certain amount of days for future use in the year.
  • Use FMLA accordingly
    Employers have a legal right to run parental leave and FMLA concurrently. This also makes the administration of benefits much easier for HR and benefit pros. r

Source: | 4 keys to a solid paid parental leave policy

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